Almost Holy



We created the opening title sequence for the documentary film Almost Holy, directed by Steve Hoover. Almost Holy is the story of Gennadiy Mokhnenko, a priest who walks a thin line between humanitarianism and vigilantism as he takes homeless and drug-addicted children, sometimes forcibly, off the streets of Mariupol, Ukraine.

The title sequence's visuals depict the historical split of the Soviet Union through the evolution of the maps and iconic imageries symbolizing the royal history and the end of Romanov dynasty with the missing gold of the last Tsar. 

The typeface and identity design is a reflection of aesthetic influences of the Soviet Union's propaganda poster designs.



Production Company

Danny Yourd

3D Artists
Lenny Wilson
Gavin Kosko

Lenny Wilson
Gavin Kosko

Original Music
Aticus Ross
Leopold Ross
Bobby Krlic

Sound Design
Defacto Sound